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June 30, 2010.  By Justin Lask
Why Won`t Soccer Officials Allow Instant Replay To
Be Used?
Were you ever in a situation when you`ve seen someone do something and then
you confront them and they go on to deny it, and others support them, but
not you, although you are indeed right? Well that`s how Frank Lampard, and
English midfielder, when his shot ricochet off the crossbar and bounced
June 30, 2010.  By Justin Lask
Why Did Major Soccer Nations Do So Poorly at FIFA
World Cup 2010?
If you`ve been following the FIFA World Cup 2010, or at least catching
snippets of the big matches like Brazil vs. North Korea or any of the Italy
games in the round of 32 or even the match between Switzerland vs. Spain,
you`ll notice a pattern, all the matches were either very close, drawn or
March 4, 2010.  By Mick Spruce
Why Are Most Football and Hockey Players Born in
Upon reading Malcolm Gladwell`s excellent book `Outliers: The Story of
Success` I have come to realise why a large proportion of Canadian ice
hockey players are born in the first few months of the year (particularly
January and Feburary). If you read the book (as I have) you`ll read about
him seein...
February 28, 2010.  By Mick Spruce
Top 77 Hockey Quotes
1 ”A fast body-contact game played by men with clubs in their hands and
knives laced to their feet.” - Paul Gallico 2 ”A good hockey player
plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is
going to be.” –Wayne Gretzky 3 ”All that means is that I`ll be 783
February 24, 2010.  By Mick Spruce
Sportsmanship Quotes
"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do
repeatedly." -Shaquille O’Neal "Football is a great deal like
life in that it teaches that work, sacrifice, perseverance, competitive
drive, selflessness, and respect for authority are the price each and every
one of us...
May 21, 2009.  By alvin tan
Tickets on sale for North Queensland Fury
feat.Robbie Fowler VS Tampines Rovers!
be pitching their soccer skills against New A-League Franchise North
Queensland Fury (feat Robbie Fowler) at Jalan Besar Stadium on 31 May 2009,
SUNDAY! Come down and choose the team you wanna support!!! Tickets for
the ma...
May 17, 2009.  By Michael Iakouchev
Let`s join VINT and take our game to the next
21st century has long dawned on our world; the new technologies and
innovations are appearing everywhere and affecting our lives in many
different aspects. It won’t be long until we will see sport competition
go virtual too. As we are the ever so busy people of the 21st century, we
don’t have t...
May 4, 2009.  By Michael P
Canadian TCS May 3rd Round 2
It was nice day, weather was good, and organization for the first time was
awesome. Not that it was always bad; it was actually a first time when
Tamiya by itself hosted an event.
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