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About The Project

VINT – Virtual National Team – is a social network that not only gives people an opportunity to communicate with others, as in any social network, but also allows ordinary people to participate along with athletes in the sporting life of their country. By joining your country’s Virtual National Team, you will support your nation’s athletes as they compete in actual competition, and you will represent your country in virtual competition against the Virtual National Teams of other countries. Furthermore, each and every member of the Virtual National Team will contribute to the sense of National Pride and Victory Spirit in their country.

Virtual National Team gives you a unique chance to record your name in the history of your country's sport as well as in world history. VINT will try to set an official record by amassing the largest Virtual National Team for the Guinness World Records organization. It is practically impossible to become a Guinness World Records holder alone, but together with Virtual National Team, it can be done!

Afterwards, a book with the names of the members of the largest Virtual National Team will be published. See your name in print and leave a keepsake to be passed down to future generations. This is your chance to be recorded in the annals of history – don’t miss out!

Your friends, relatives and countrymen will be proud of you!

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