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Posted by :Mick Spruce
Posted on :March 4, 2010
Last Modified on :March 4, 2010
Why Are Most Football and Hockey Players Born in
Upon reading Malcolm Gladwell`s excellent book `Outliers: The Story of Success` I have come to
realise why a large proportion of Canadian ice hockey players are born in the first few months of
the year (particularly January and Feburary). If you read the book (as I have) you`ll read about him
seeing a team sheet of all of the best young players in Canada, before realising that 90% of them
were born in either January, February or March.

The reason for this is that (like football/soccer
in England and most of Europe) young players are arranged by their age and are put into age groups
(such as under 16`s, under 17`s, under 18`s, etc). Each year the best players are picked to go
through into the next age group, and the worst players are weeded out and forgotten about forever.
The cut off date for each age group is December 31st, meaning anyone born on January 1st will be put
into the lower age group, even though they may only be a day younger than their peers.

It seems
that the ideal date for a young Canadian ice hockey player to be born is January 1st. The reason for
this is that it gives them the most time to grow and mature in order to get an edge on their
competition. Obviously they must have some natural talent and skill (not to mention a strong
physique), but being born early gives you the best possible chance.

The problem is that most
coaches confuse maturity with talent, so many of the best players may never make it, simply because
they were born at the wrong time of year.

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Why Are Most Football and Hockey Players Born in

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