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Posted by :Justin Lask
Posted on :June 30, 2010
Last Modified on :June 30, 2010
Why Did Major Soccer Nations Do So Poorly at FIFA World
Cup 2010?
If you`ve been following the FIFA World Cup 2010, or at least catching snippets of the big matches
like Brazil vs. North Korea or any of the Italy games in the round of 32 or even the match between
Switzerland vs. Spain, you`ll notice a pattern, all the matches were either very close, drawn or
lost by the favourite of the match. There weren`t any shocking scores like in the match of Portugal
vs. North Korea, with Portugal beating the North Koreans by a whopping 7:0, most games were right
down to the "nitty-gritty" of goal for goal or no goal to no goal. One of the major shocks was the
defeat of Spain in the round of 32 match by Switzerland. "Sure"`, most will say, "it was a fluke,
everyone makes mistakes", but a European champion, with players like Villa, Fabregas, Torres? Excuse
my confidence, but i do not see this as a mere flick of luck. However the biggest shock must have
been the loss of World champion of 2006 (last World Cup) Italy, when they failed to even qualify
past the round of 32, with their elite squad of World Chmapions and world-class players. Nearly
tying with New Zealand, a team making its first ever debut on the world scene and losng to Slovakia
in a 3:2 loss, a team who`s mustered it`s first ever win in this World Cup; there seems to be very
bad case of rotten luck setting afoot.
France, also the WC-2006 finalist, never made it past round
of 32 either, losing to Cameroon and barely tying with Mexico, finishing as the lowest seed in its
group. "Sure", some will say, "it just wasn`t their year", however, to go from World Cup heros to
World Cup zeros, in one World Cup? I think there`s more than just blame on luck that should be

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