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Posted by :Justin Lask
Posted on :June 30, 2010
Last Modified on :June 30, 2010
Why Won`t Soccer Officials Allow Instant Replay To Be
Were you ever in a situation when you`ve seen someone do something and then you confront them and
they go on to deny it, and others support them, but not you, although you are indeed right? Well
that`s how Frank Lampard, and English midfielder, when his shot ricochet off the crossbar and
bounced over the goal line of the German net, but the referre didn`t count, because from his angle
he could not see that the ball bounced over the goal line. The unaccounted goal morally deprived the
English team, and they ended up losing the 1/16 elimination match to Germany with a booming 4:1
Another beautiful example of the benefits of video replay could be seen in the qualification
match for World Cup 2010, between France and Ireland. Thierry Henry had used his hand openly to
score the goal and win the qualification game and eliminate Ireland from the World Cup. So here it
stands: Why don`t soccer officials use the video replay?
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