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Create Your Virtual National Team

  The Virtual National Team (VINT) social network gives you the ability to express yourself as an individual, to communicate with other people and, as a member of your country's Virtual National Team, to compete against other countries’ Virtual National Teams.
   From generation to generation, athletes battle on sporting frontiers, bringing glory to their nations. Many of you strive to be like the athletes you look up to and dream of one day getting onto your country’s national team. Now, Virtual National Team gives you the unique chance to participate in your nation’s sporting life and record your name in the history of national and world sports. Together with the athletes, you create your country’s Virtual National Team, adding to the sense of National Pride and Victory Spirit in your country.
When you register at VINT, you choose the country where you live or were born, thus becoming a member of that country’s Virtual National Team.

   Anyone can become a member of VINT: professional athletes, coaches, sports journalists and members of other sports-related professions, sports fans, former athletes, active people and people who just like to support sports and/or recreational activities.
As a member VINT, you can:
- Create your own profile.
- Join your country’s Virtual National Team and your favorite sports clubs or groups.

- Connect with your favorite athletes, real members of your country’s national team, and your friends and teammates to ask questions, get (or give) advice, and tell stories.

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