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Set the World Record

Guinness World Records. Participate in setting a Guinness World Record for the creation of the largest Virtual National Team. VINT will create a world precedent – a national sports team and a country as one. Every member of VINT will feel as if they’re an actual part of their country’s national team. Every victory is not just a victory for the athletes; it is also a victory for the people who emotionally and spiritually supported them all the way – their virtual teammates.

Largest Virtual National Team.  When you register at VINT, you select a country and become a member of its Virtual National Team. The country whose Virtual National Team has the most members will be announced as the winner of the Virtual National Team project in 2010. After that, an application will be submitted to the Guinness World Records organization for an official record as the largest Virtual National Team.

Add your name to your country’s Virtual National Team and you will pass on a memory of yourself to future generations. A book will be published with the names of all the members of the largest Virtual National Team. Also, you can become a record holder together with the other members of your country’s Virtual National Team, which is practically impossible to do alone. Your friends, relatives and countrymen will be proud of you!

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