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Create a Profile. As a member of Virtual National Team, you can create and edit your own profile, invite friends, choose your favorite sports teams and find new teammates, stay in touch with old friends, contact other members of your country's Virtual National Team, post your photos and upload videos, show your collections, post your individual or professional sports records, share stories of your sports achievements and support younger athletes with your advice.

Connect with People. As a member of Virtual National Team, you can connect with your friends, teammates, members of your country's Virtual National Team and even members of other countries’ Virtual National Teams! You can send and receive e-mails, create and update your own blogs and post messages on your friends’ walls.

Join the Team. When you select a country during registration, you become a member of that country's Virtual National Team. You can give your membership to one country only. Under your profile, you can select sports and teams you want to join. There is no limit in sport and team selection; it all depends on your personal sports interests. As a member of the Virtual National Team, you can participate in the sporting life of your community as well as your country.

Share Events. With the personal training calendar, you can schedule and organize your daily activities, create and manage your team's events and invite your friends and teammates to participate in these events. The world sports calendar allows you to find sporting events that interest you and share information about them. You can also share news, see photos & videos and connect with participants of these events.

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